Helpful links

If you have questions or concerns about CML or your treatment it is important to discuss these with your healthcare team. They will be able to advise on support you can access through your hospital.

But it can also be very helpful to find sources of support aside from your healthcare team. Reading up about your condition and chatting to others who have CML can help you understand your treatment and care. This can help you feel more confident about managing CML in the long term.

Having support with the emotional and practical aspects of living with a long-term condition can also help you feel more in control and positive. This kind of support can also take some of the pressure off your relationships with your partner, family and close friends.

Remember, there’s a lot of misleading and sometimes inaccurate information on the internet. So, it’s important to find reputable organisations providing accurate information. Your healthcare team may be able to recommend the right websites or groups depending on your queries.

Here are some links that can help you find the right support in your country:

The CML Support Group provides a comprehensive, global directory of organisations including patient groups, social media groups, medical and research organisations and specialist centres.

CML Advocates Network is a global network connecting CML patient groups that provide support to patients and families. You can search on their website for a local support group in your country. 

Hopefully, you’ll be happy with your care. If you have had any problems, you may want to want to discuss them with your healthcare team first of all. You could also ask at the hospital for advice on how to raise a complaint. If you want further advice, you can reach out to local patient organisations for help and support on how to raise any issue you’ve had.