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CML Life moves to CMLAN

__3 October 2022

CML Life, co-created by Incyte & the patient community, is becoming a CMLAN tool as of October 3rd, 2022. CML Life was developed to & will continue to support as many CML patients & caregivers as possible.

CMLAN was an early supporter and contributor involved in the development of CML Life. Incyte & CMLAN have agreed to change ownership of CML Life to ensure the longevity of this vital resource.

CML Life will remain in place where patients and caregivers can find articles, patient stories, podcasts & infographics on topics related to living with CML and its treatment. Topics included range from a visual guide to understanding CML, an article on coping with fatigue, guidance on exercising & travelling with CML as well as information on the importance of having a good sleep hygiene, and how to practice this.

The Incyte team are delighted to be handing over CML Life to the CML Advocates Network and knows that CMLAN shall be excellent new custodians of CML Life. The CML Life team will continue to develop the platform with the hope to reach an even broader CML patient & caregiver community.

To find out more about CMLAN, please click here.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!