CML Hub__>__Introducing the CML Life Health Literacy Questionnaire

Introducing the CML Life Health Literacy Questionnaire

__2 August 2019

Taking charge of your health is a positive, empowering choice – by increasing your knowledge of your CML, you can have informed, confident discussions about your condition with your healthcare team.

Following diagnosis with CML, the influx of medical information can be daunting – technical terms, test names, results, etc. Absorbing the volume of the information is a challenge in itself, but the level to which you actually understand it all can and, inevitably, will vary during the different stages of your journey. It might be that as you grow confident with understanding one part of your condition, something new comes up or your treatment changes and you need to top up your knowledge.

In order to help you keep track, we have created the CML Life Health Confidence Questionnaire . Based on a validated questionnaire created by leading experts in oncology, the seven short questions will help you to measure your level of understanding of your condition and identify any areas that could be improved.

Completing the questionnaire will also result in a custom experience of CML Life – this means that once you’ve answered the questions, your CML Life homepage will create content curated especially for you that are more relevant to your interests.

Take charge today and take your questionnaire – click here