CML Hub__>__World CML Day 2020

World CML Day 2020

__16 September 2020

In celebration of this year’s World CML Day, join us in support of the CML Patient Advocates’ Network campaign, “Today, together, more than ever. For a life without CML”, encouraging everyone in the CML community to come together and share their stories.

Now, more than ever, the CML Life team are proud to be sharing essential information via digital support for people affected by CML. The CML Life platform is continuing to grow, and we are pleased to support people affected by CML during the pandemic with bespoke content, as well as our regular offering of articles, patient stories and mindfulness podcasts.

This World CML Day, join us as we celebrate the importance of continuing to raise awareness in CML and help us to create a stronger CML community by sharing our experiences. Click below to hear some of our stories and be sure to have a look at the other resources available to you on the CML Hub:

Meet Sara

Sara was diagnosed with CML when she was only 22. In this video she talks about how her life was changed, how she lives with CML today, and what World CML Day means to her.

Meet Kris

Kris was diagnosed 12 years ago, and at the time he put his symptoms down to other causes, such as night sweats being due to the hot summer weather. He decided to visit his GP, not expecting his symptoms to be anything serious. That’s when a blood test revealed he had CML.

Listen to him tell his story by watching our video.

Meet Nigel

Nigel was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) six years ago at the age of 45 following a routine blood test after suffering from flashing in his eye. Following his diagnosis and discovering that a lot of the information on CML was out of date, not relevant to UK patients and too formal, he set up a Facebook Group, CML UK, which allowed CML patients to chat privately and informally on the things that affect them on a daily basis.

“Many people are scared witless in the first days and weeks. But people can go on the group, say ‘I’m new, am I going to be okay?’ and hundreds of people will respond and say, ‘actually, yes you are'” – Nigel